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United Cerebral Palsy: Vans Needed!

United Cerebral Palsy of Los Angeles UCPLA Vans Needed! Thank you for supporting Out & About with UCPLA! UCPLA want to thank you! Your generosity supports the purchase of accessible vans that transport our clients to and from personal and medical appointments, social gatherings, advocacy activities and more. www.ucpla.org   Out & About with UCPLA […]

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Demo Reel #2: EmilyCartoons: AnimationStation.com

Demo Reel #2 Demo Reel Showcasing: PowerPoint Presentations Digital/Traditional Animation Content Ads/Marketing/Creator Presentations (PP, Web, Video) Web Demos/Explainer Videos/Adverts Book Trailers Corporate Web Commercials T.V. Commercials Pilot Animations Animator Designer Character Design Graphic Design Photoshop Imaging Textile Designer Graphic Design for Logos/Banners/Branding Icon/Emoji Graphics Logo Animation Facebook/Instagram/Social Media Management App and Game sprites and assets. […]

Punny Captions:That’s Not Punny!

Full On! Trailer 2017

Full On! Trailer 2017 Full On! Trailer 2017 Pure Lion Productions Full On! Full On! was Created and Written by Michael Crump, it is set in the year 3052 and is about a young boy named King Blaza who seeks to become the best YouCard Holder in the world, what is a YouCard Holder? only […]

Anime Creator: Saruno vs Sabared Illustration Video

Anime Creator: Saruno vs Sabared Illustration Video Anime Creator: Saruno vs Sabared RHG   If you are considering becoming an Animator, it’s a great practice to make up random 5-10 second long animations. When I was in school, the teachers asked the students to constantly create short stories. Some students found it difficult to keep […]

Easy Rotoscoping : Draw on a picture