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Stacking Ladders

Stacking Ladders By Isaiah Jackson

Animation by Isaiah Jackson

Look in her eyes,
You can tell it’s something wrong,
Cause she’s screaming and crying,
Yelling because her daddy gone.
She, stares in the skies,
They tell her that’s where he’s at.
Stacking ladders on top of ladders,
Trynna get where he at, it won’t be long.

(Verse 1)
Heart frozen and closing,
It’s hard with the scars,
Because daddy aint there when it’s broken.
Unfair, was the one up in the chair,
And he cared when she glared in the air,
And she shared her emotions.
She not really prepared to control them.
She’s scared.
She don’t know how she’ll bare in the ocean, it’s open,
Was hoping, she don’t lost in the sea cause,
Her heart it be bleeding and it’s seeming like she need love.
Her mom started reaching to the stars, that’s where he be, love.
She said, “I’mma take some ladders,
And then I’m gonna stack em
And I’mma climb them after to the heavens and go grab him
Then I’mma pull him down, and we goin have some laughters,
And do everything we was suppose to do before his disaster.
She said, “I’mma take some ladders,
And then I’m gonna stack em
And I’mma climb them after to the heavens and go grab him


(Verse 2)
And she was working all day, all night.
Trynna make it all right,
Very stable with a tall height.
Able to be fatal if she fall twice.
Went and got some cable with a small price.
And then she wrapped it around the ladders she was stacking,
So they wouldn’t go crashing when she’s climbing, see her daddy,
Make it happen, taking actions.
She, she start to cry as she moving up the skies.
Closer that she got to heaven,
Closer that she felt his presence.
A Blessing for a young girl who was stressing,
Start to question God’s ethics like,
Like do he want me to be alone?
Because he took my dad when I was in need a home
But when she got up to the gates, she heard an angel sing a song.
Her dad started running to her way, like “You should be at home”
She said no it’s okay when was stacking, had to keep em strong.
He said sorry baby girl, I think that you just thinking wrong.
That’s not how it works, you only get here if you’re hurt.


(Verse 3)
Her mom heard a boom, then ran into the backyard.
When she left the room, saw her baby’s head cracked hard.
On the body was a ladder with a ladder stacked on it,
They both collapsed on it,
Then she collapsed on it.

When looking down at her mother,
God came and put his hand on the girl,
Said, “don’t worry, got a plan for this world.”

Brief Explanation:
At the end of the second verse, it reveals that the girl was actually dead when she made it to heaven and saw her father and that’s why he was shocked to see her, because although she believed she was able to climb up to heaven, he knew the only way she would be able to be at heaven is if she died.
In the 3rd verse, it goes back to the scene where the young girl dies at. Her mom heard a big boom and ran out to the backyard and saw the little girl’s head cracked open and two big ladders on top of her body. The little girl tried to make a ladder to heaven, but it was unstable because the only thing she used to keep them tied together was cheap cables. She fell off while trying to climb up them and they collapsed on her body and she passed away. And then her spirit traveled up to heaven and that’s what the second verse is referring to. While in heaven, the girl is looking down at her mother crying over her body when God puts a hand on her shoulder and lets her know that it’s okay because he has a plan and everything happens for a reason.

The entire concept of stacking ladders to get to heaven is kind of a double entendre. She believed she was stacking ladders on top of each other in order to climb to heaven, but it was the ladders stacked on top of her, causing her death, that actually got her to heaven.


About the Artist: Isaiah Jackson

National contest winning rapper/songwriter & comedian who’s appeared in newspapers, FM radio and more. Known from emotional storytelling songs and performances. Guest rapper/writer on 1 million viewed kids rap battle and more.

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