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Set Design & Claymation

Set Design & Claymation

Set Design of the House:

Screen Shot 2017 03 12 at 2.19.48 PM - Set Design & ClaymationScreen Shot 2017 03 12 at 2.19.24 PM - Set Design & Claymation


Adult Animated Series

Written and Directed by Zeke Ares

THE BUDDY’S is a stop motion animated series, set in a small suburban neighborhood cohabiting brothers, one made of pure evil and the other blue & cute with a rotten core live with their house squatter Browny.

Their obscure world filled with violence, sex and feces with constant threats from their neighbors, monsters and the random acts that plague their existence.

With Evil Turd head of the house, ruling with a vicious hand protecting his brother at all cost while carrying out his devious plans.

Blue Turd keeps himself busy with his death metal band, feces obsession and silly antics with his friend and squatter Browny, who climbed through the sewer and out of the toilet to steal from the brothers.

With his new friend Blue Turd, Browny is under constant abuse and macabre acts of Evil Turd who despises him.

Cast and Crew

Josh Chichester – Blue Turd

Ty Anderson – Browny

Matthew Curtis – Evil Turd

Elle Dawe – Lana Davis

Sean Wisner – Blue Turd (singing vocals)

Matt Garbutt – Designer
Joe Bailey – sculptor/designer
Lu Kane – Fabricator

Kevin Drinkwater – set dresser/painter/builder

Daniel James – Animator/puppet advisor

Matt Warneford – music/composer

Wayne Oram – house designer

Owen Williams – artist/designer

Libby Durose – artist

Written and Directed by Zeke Ares


To view more work about the show, go to: https://animationstation.com/channel/buddys-adult-animated-series/

Main Characters

Animated Process: “The Normies: Careful Campers ep6”

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