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United States of Tara Opening
The Little Prince
Bark Thins
negative space
united airlines
between times
games of thrones
lavazza wimbledon
telecom security
children's medical center of dallas
duncan donuts robot unicorn attack
the voice over
united airlines heart
elf buddy's musical christmas
they might be giants
Something Left, Something Taken
Adventure Time Legos Opening
SpongeBob Squarepants
perfect houseguest
medical center of dallas
ben & jerry's
red vines

Noble Animation: Stop Motion Art


Stop Motion Art by Noble Animation

Noble is a continually evolving studio producing commercials, music videos and short films. The studio features a talented group of artists that produce unique styles of animation. Each artist or collective works in a distinct style, for which they are considered one of the finest in the industry. We offer a wide range of styles of filmmaking including, 2D, 3D, stop motion, mixed media, as well as live action integration. We love storytelling, and creating films that inspire, inform, innovate, and winning an award or two along the way doesn’t hurt.


Stop Motion: Bark Thins
Stop Motion Commercial: Bark Thins

Stop Motion: The Little Prince
Stop Motion Movie: The Little Prince
Stop Motion: United States of Tara Opening
Stop Motion Television Opening: United States of Tara
Stop Motion: negative space
Stop Motion Commercial: Negative Space
Stop Motion: united airlines
Stop Motion Commercial:  United Airlines
Stop Motion: between times
Stop Motion Commercial: Between Times
Stop Motion: games of thrones
Stop Motion Commercial: Games of Thrones
Stop Motion: mediobanca
Stop Motion Commercial: Mediobanca
Stop Motion: mcdonalds
Stop Motion Commercial: McDonald’s
Stop Motion: coach
Stop Motion Commercial: Coach
Stop Motion: lavazza wimbledon
Stop Motion Commercial: Lavazza Wimbledon
Stop Motion: telecom security
Stop Motion Commercial: Telecom Security
Stop Motion: children's medical center of dallas
Stop Motion Commercial: Children’s Medical Center of Dallas
Stop Motion: duncan donuts robot unicorn attack
Stop Motion Commercial: Duncan Donuts: Robot Unicorn Attack
Stop Motion: barilla
Stop Motion Commercial: Barilla
Stop Motion: the voice over
Stop Motion Movie: The Voice Over
Stop Motion: united airlines heart
Stop Motion Commercial: United Airlines: Heart
Stop Motion: elf buddy's musical christmas
Stop Motion Movie: Elf Buddy’s Musical Christmas
Stop Motion: mcdonald's
Stop Motion Commercial: Mcdonald’s
Stop Motion: they might be giants
Stop Motion Music Video: They Might Be Giants
Stop Motion: kellogg's
Stop Motion Commercial: Kellogg’s
Stop Motion: ray-ban
Stop Motion Commercial: Ray-Ban
Stop Motion: flinstones
Stop Motion Commercial: Flinstones
Stop Motion: l'oreal
Stop Motion Commercial: L’oreal
Stop Motion: subway
Stop Motion Commercial: Subway
Stop Motion: vometric
Stop Motion Commercial: Vometric
Stop Motion: sephora
Stop Motion Commercial: Sephora
Stop Motion: Something Left, Something Taken
Stop Motion Commercial: Something Left, Something Taken
Stop Motion: Adventure Time Legos Opening
Stop Motion Movie: Adventure Time Legos Opening
Stop Motion: SpongeBob Squarepants
Stop Motion Movie: SpongeBob Squarepants
Stop Motion: perfect housequest
Stop Motion Movie: Perfect Houseguest
Stop Motion: medical center of dallas
Stop Motion Commercial: Medical Center of Dallas
Stop Motion: ben & jerry's
Stop Motion Commercial: Ben & Jerry’s, Medical Center of Dallas
Stop Motion: red vines
Stop Motion Commercial: Red Vines



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