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aiste’s flowers
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Aiste’s Flowers


Aiste’s Flowers

Aiste’s Flowers: Art Collection.

aiste’s flowers


Expression of my happiness, the way I feel now. Ink pen took my few hours to do it.

aiste’s flowers prints


A small experiment of mine something that could be used as a pattern, a bit more feminine side of me. Ink pen and markers.

Took me 20 minutes to do it.

aiste’s flowers


aiste illustrations

 Alien Flower

Done with ink pen and took me about an hour to draw.

aiste flower inkwork


A rose like flower, with spring coming I draw a lot of them. This took me 2 hours to draw this with nk pen.

aiste’s flower

Lovely Flowers

Playing with lines in this drawing.. 🙂 This took me 2 hours to do in ink pen.


This drawing I drawn with ink pen. It is flower like drawing a plant that we won’t find on this planet. My intentions for this drawing just let my inner imagination to come alive, and let myself go play with forms and patterns and improve my skills in ink pen drawing. It took me about an hour to draw this illustration.

All my decorative and abstract theme ink pen illustrations done with ink pens. I use decorative elements like dots, circles, spirals, lines and so on to fill the shapes and forms and the background. Then I draw my illustrations I don’t know what it will be till I start the drawing. From the first shape or wave the drawing theme born in my head and I develop it fever. I can split my illustrations into a few groups, characters with a touch of humor, people faces, animals, birds, flowers, trees, fictional characters and just abstract forms. I love that black and white color feeling. I started adding some color to my abstract, decorative illustrations, sometimes you need just a little bit of color to give your artwork that magic touch. I want to inspire people to reach for they dreams, and never give up, and bring joy with my art not to be afraid to be different and be your true self, that is my goal, and if I can do it everyone can do it.

Chicken Drawing: Series

Aiste’s Illustrations and Prints

Sketch and Draw by EmilyCartoons

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