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Backgrounds for Animations: Photoshop CC

Backgrounds for Animations: Photoshop CC Creating Backgrounds Animation Photoshop CC To view more by this artist, go to: http://animationstation.com/channel/rebecca-swenson/ To view more tutorials, go to: http://animationstation.com/category/how-to-animate/ Learning Photoshop Here is a live recording of a background being made for an upcoming animation. Rebecca Swenson: Animator and Artist from the Woods of New Jersey living in […]

Make 5 sec animation: Cartoon

Make 5 sec animation Make 5 sec animation: Cartoon Animate cc Cartoons: Tutorials and Cartoons To view how the animation was made, go to: http://animationstation.com/make-a-5-second-animation-headbangers/ To see more animations, go to: http://animationstation.com/category/cartoon-shorts/ To see how these animations were made, go to: http://animationstation.com/category/how-to-animate/ To view more videos by EmilyCartoons, go to: http://animationstation.com/channel/emilycartoons/ HeadBangers!! HEAD BANG at […]

3D Animation Reel by Alex Benavente