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Taira: The Termite Queen

Taira: The Termite Queen Character Created By- Donald Wilson Artist Drawings By- Dia Hill Animation By- Emily Ceasar   Overview In the beautiful, majestic land of the African Savanna, lives Princess Taira. As sole heir to the throne of the Uranic Termite Colony, Taira is being groomed to become the next queen. There is only […]

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Spelling Animations: Ads and Jokes

animationstation.com/channel/emilycartoons-channel/ http://animationstation.com/category/kids-shows/ This is a compilation video of the cartoons made to advertise Spellingcity.com, a site that teaches spelling a grammar. http://www.spellingcity.com/ If you are considering becoming an Animator, it’s a great practice to make up random 5-10 second long animations. When I was in school, the teachers asked the students to constantly create short […]

#metoo: Never Accept!


The Stolen Art: PROMO CODE: ANIMATION_PORTRAIT The Stolen Art: Mariia Malygina – Founder & Contributing Artist www.thestolenart.com $30 OFF: PROMO CODE: ANIMATION_PORTRAIT www.thestolenart.com/custom-portraits Mariia Malygina was born and raised in a small town in the North part of Russia. She started painting from the very childhood and always had an art passion. Her first painting […]

#metoo: Never Accept!