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Textile Designs

Textile Designs Textile Design Gallery of repeat prints for clothing and products. Train Print: Bike Pattern: Movie Inspired Print: Austrailian Christmas: Cheshire Cat: Dinosaurs and Trains: Evil Characters: HP Pattern: Holiday Images: EMT Pattern: Unicorn Patch Print: SU Pattern: Rainbow Scales: Dead Pokémon: Mr. and Misses Pattern: Mario and Yoshi Pattern: Rainbow 3D Pattern: Rainbow […]

Prints and Digital Art: ArtStudioAngel

Google is Evil!

Google is Evil! Patrick Jenkins Cartoons Work GearGuys: Auto and Tech Video Editor · November 29, 2013 to present · San Jose, California YouTube Animation · November 15, 2008 to present · San Jose, California Im a cartoonist , animator and freelance artist San Jose City College Times Comic Strip Creator · February 12, 2014 […]

Bad Therapy: Cartoon

Create Seamless Vector Patterns (easy)

Create Seamless Vector Patterns (easy) Create Seamless Vector Patterns (easy) More Tutorials at: http://animationstation.com To view more videos by EmilyCartoons, go to: http://animationstation.com/channel/emilycartoons/ Create a seamless pattern for printing This video shows how to take an image and repeat it into a seamless pattern, ready for printing. The Steps: 1. Make your stage size the […]

Easy Rotoscoping : Draw on a picture