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Prism Design for Selfmade

Prism Design for Selfmade prismdesign.ru Prism Design is an animation and motion graphics studio. We specialize in CG-production and create video presentations, explainer and promotional videos, 3D, VR, AR, etc. Contact us to offer your unique project: pp@prismdesign.ru.   Have you noticed that the advertisements of the usual items have recently become quite unusual? And […]

#metoo: Never Accept!

Backgrounds for Animations: Photoshop CC

Backgrounds for Animations: Photoshop CC Creating Backgrounds Animation Photoshop CC To view more by this artist, go to: http://animationstation.com/channel/rebecca-swenson/ Learning Photoshop Here is a live recording of a background being made for an upcoming animation. Rebecca Swenson: Animator and Artist from the Woods of New Jersey living in the Concrete Jungle of Los Angeles. Author […]

Fish Cartoon Flash Animation: Gif

Fish Cartoon Flash Animation Fish Cartoon Flash Animation If you are considering becoming an Animator, it’s a great practice to make up random 5-10 second long animations. When I was in school, the teachers asked the students to constantly create short stories. Some students found it difficult to keep their stories short and simple, receiving […]

Santa Cartoon:: How to draw Santa Claus Step by Step: easy

Jack Box Cartoon: Earth Prep #1

Jack Box Cartoon: Earth Prep #1 Jack Box Cartoon: Earth Prep #1 To view episode 2, go to: http://animationstation.com/earth-prep-2-testing-a-lamp/ ‎ POP GOES THE WEASEL! These aliens are testing our products and daily routines on earth to learn from our technology. A Jack-in-the-box has comedic timing that I thought would be fun to play with in […]