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Madmen Pictures: Specialists

Madmen Pictures: Specialists Animations: Adobe Flash CS6 / Adobe Animate CC Voice-overs: Guy Chace http://www.bostoncasting.com/guyc http://neactor.com/profile/GuyChace Guy Chace is a young, versatile voice actor based out of the Boston area. He has gained years of professional experience by training with top notch actors, sound engineers, and directors. Guy has gained recognition within the Boston voiceover […]

#metoo: Never Accept!

Draw Funny Card: Video Cartoon Tutorial

Draw Funny Card: Video Cartoon Tutorial Draw Funny Card Video Animation To see how to draw a Christmas Bow, go to: http://animationstation.com/how-draw-christmas-bow/ To view more work by EmilyCartoons and more, go to: http://animationstation.com/channel/emilycartoons/ To view our tutorials, go to: http://animationstation.com/category/how-to-animate/ Christmas Tree Cartoon: Video Animation To draw a Christmas tree first start with a loose […]

Santa Cartoon:: How to draw Santa Claus Step by Step: easy

Cat Gif Cartoon: Animated with Sound

Cat Gif Cartoon: Animated with Sound Cat Gif: Cartoon To follow the step-by-step, go to: http://animationstation.com/lip-sync-in-seconds-2/ To watch the step-by-step video, go to: http://animationstation.com/lip-sync-in-seconds/ To see more animations, go to: http://animationstation.com/category/cartoon-shorts/ To see how other animations were made, go to: http://animationstation.com/category/how-to-animate/ To view more videos by EmilyCartoons, go to: http://animationstation.com/channel/emilycartoons/ This cartoon was made to […]

#metoo: Never Accept!