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The Top Weed Strains: THC: CBD: CBN

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We are Hiring! We are Hiring! Animation Station is adding Artists portfolios and their products to be sold, at NO cost to you! BECOME A CONTRIBUTOR: Are you a creative person who loves to create content online? Are you a Professional Artist who wants there work noticed? Add a your own channel to Animation Station! […]

Nežni Dalibor: Animated Music Video

Animated music video for Serbian rock band Nežni Dalibor. Story In a nearby dystopian future, a young girl named Alex tries to sabotage the evil ND corporation who runs the world. Staff Drawing, animation, 3D modeling: Dragan Jovanović elhorhe.portfoliobox.me/ Animation, 3D modeling, motion graphics, visual effects: Vladan Djiri Vasiljević linkedin.com/in/vladan-djiri-vasiljevic-25701b87/ Edited, written and directed by […]

Stacking Ladders

Branding: Logos: Ad Campaigns

Branding: Logos: Ad Campaigns Branding: Logos: Ad Campaigns Hot Chicks Campaign: Eric Schwartz Logos and Campaigns: New Coffee Flavor Campaign: Comics Campaign: Cynergy-Hypnosis & Hypno-Girl Logos and Campaigns:   To view more work, go to: http://animationstation.com/category/artists-gallery/ If you are considering becoming an Animator, it’s a great practice to make up random 5-10 second long animations. […]


Four-Leaf Clovers: Meaning of each leaf

Four-Leaf Clovers: Meaning of each leaf There are approximately 10,000 three-leaf clovers for every four-leaf clover. Researchers from the University of Georgia reported that a four-leaf clover gene turns ordinary three-leaf clovers into the coveted four-leaf types. Masked by the three-leaf gene and strongly influenced by environmental condition, this means that multiple four-leaf clovers could […]

The Top Weed Strains: THC: CBD: CBN