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Start-up Video: Orahs Explainer


Start-up Video: Orahs Explainer

Start-up Video: Orahs Explainer

This video was made for advertising on YouTube, Vimeo, other social media sites, and the Orah company’s homepage. Start-ups need to advertise and get their message “out there” for clients, investors, users, and fans. Explainer Videos are a great way for you to gain traction and drive organic traffic to your site.

These videos help in pitching ideas as well as presenting the look-and-feel for the brand. A host character is usually created to identify the branding, like the girl character in this cartoon. The style is very important to “drive” your audience around to a brand new idea, yet also have them feel involved with the presentation enough to say – THIS IS THE BEST IDEA EVER!

Companies in the past used Powerpoint slide presentations to demonstrate their product, but that was then … this is now. A slide-show presentation is … let’s face it … boring. Using “old-school” techniques almost guarantees lower attention spans and fallieng audience retention. The only thing people remember about a slide presentation is … they didn’t like it. .

A video can convey more information in a more entertaining way resulting in making more people more interested in your ideas.

When an audience watches a well produced video presentation, they feel as if they went along on the video’s “adventure.” That is why we are more easily convinced to buy into an idea or product after seeing a well made commercial … because we followed the logic of the video and now see it as our own conclusion.

Mind Control much?

I know this seems a little like Huxley’s Brave New World but commercials aren’t really evil. Consumerism is.



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