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Sirius Radio Cartoon- I Hate Truckers


Sirius Radio Cartoon- I Hate Trucker

Sirius Radio Cartoon- I Hate Truckers

Sirius Radio hired me in 2009 to create a cartoon video for Tony Hawk’s station, FACTION. After each show aired an audio CD of the show was sent to me for editing and animation. This cartoon is about a guest and his friends going on a road-trip.

I created all of the cartoon videos in Adobe Flash. The animations were shown on the Sirius Radio Faction Website.

The process to make the work for FACTION was to do the following:

-Edit the audio to refine the story elements and trim the narration for concision.
-Sometimes the guests sounded like they were not … um … exactly … sober. I had to edit out a lot of “likes” and ” “ughhh” sounds to make the person sound more coherent.
-Plan the story and sketch out the storyboards.
-I would listen to the story told and then picture what was seen for each part of the story. The guns added at the end were my little added joke, and a small example of the ideas you can think of while listening to audio.
-Create by hand, on paper, all the images needed for the animation.
-It is best to write out all the characters and elements that you will need to draw. Then draw each item one by one down the list.
-Imported the images into Flash to be inked, colored, and prepare them for animation.
-I scan or take a picture of the drawing, and then import or email the image into Flash. Now it’s time to …
-Animated the cartoon!

To create a cartoon video for FACTION took 2-4 days to complete.

With this client, I was paid per video, so I tried to work as quickly as I could to keep my hourly pay at a certain level. It is very important to budget your time/cost by dividing the total payment by the estimated hours you think it will take to complete the project.



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Sirius Radio Cartoon


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