Home Illustration Tutorials Santa Cartoon:: How to draw Santa Claus Step by Step: easy

Santa Cartoon:: How to draw Santa Claus Step by Step: easy


Santa Cartoon:: How to draw Santa Claus Step by Step: easy

This image is part of a video game in development. The game is focused on vocabulary and speech therapy for handicapped individuals.

The art was first drawn with paper and pencil and then a photo of the images was imported in Adobe Animate.

To Import a photo/sketch into Adobe Animate:

-Scan the image in and then import the image into Adobe Animate.

-If you do not have a scanner, you can take a picture on the image(s) and then send the image(s) to your email. Download the image(s) onto your computer. Open Adobe Flash and then Import the artwork.

When taking a picture, it is important to keep your camera steady. Take in account for any distortion that can occur if the image looks skewed if the pictures is taken while tilted/not straight with the paper. This can also be a good thing as well to counter for any skews in the original image, for example…. If a character seems as though they are leaning too far to the left, with the phone, you can tilt the left side of the phone closer to the page, the character will have become straighter.

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