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Promo Draft Video: Embo.com


Promo Draft Video: Embo.com

Promo Draft Video: Embo.com

Website and Concept Creation for Embo.

We helped with the features for the site, branding, content, and directed the video.

Animation Station Artists can help with writing scripts, creating narrations, branding, tradition and digital art, videos/animation, website, and advertising. One stop shop for all your Advertising needs! 🙂

Below you can see our content on the website:

“Embo is a social platform allowing family members to contribute in building an online record of their child’s life. We provide a safe and protected environment where your kids can begin engaging with just the content and people you trust. Our educational games, cartoons, and online scrapbook all empower you to preserve your child’s most precious times. Sign up for your free Embo account today!”


Owner and Founder of Animation Station.
Animation Station is a website that showcases Artists Artwork from around the world. Each artist has a background ranging in animation, live action, traditional, graphic design, audio, and any form of art connected to animation/digital media.


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