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Red Riding Hood

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Red Riding Hood


Art Prints, Textile Patterns, Designs for Clothing, Products, and/or Branding. Digital Files are ready for printing and/or digital creative purposes.

Previewing images are low grade to avoid stealing. High quality images are available in sold packages.

Files types Include PNG, JPEG, and Vector images.
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Red Riding Hood


This piece was challenge for me to create a lifelike picture using inspiration form Little Red Riding hood. The little girl’s hand holding the wolf’s fur represents a child’s trust. The main focus of this piece is the child, trusting and innocent, in the bright red cloak. The cloak draws attention from the viewers and related back to the book. In drawing this piece I faced difficulty creating the textures for the wolf’s fur, however after testing different brushed I quickly found a suitable brush for the job.





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