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Prism Design is an animation and motion graphics studio. We specialize in CG-production and create video presentations, explainer and promotional videos, 3D, VR, AR, etc.
Contact us to offer your unique project: pp@prismdesign.ru.


Have you noticed that the advertisements of the usual items have recently become quite unusual? And the more confident the brand goes beyond the time-tested standards, the higher its chances of getting attention!

Today we show you the honda clarity electric commercial, where the features and features of the new élektrokara are described in alphabetical order.
” what can be easier than the alphabet?”-on the video. ” protecting the environment so that the next generations enjoy it.”

The video combines different styles and has increased attention to detail: each letter and therefore each feature of the model has a separate storyline. Such a unique approach can’t be fun: and funny, and cute, and the main thing is love to nature!

Business Youth is the largest Russian project for the development of small and medium-sized businesses. In March 2017 the project participants created a channel on YouTube “SelfMade in Russian!” Where young people in the format of a deposit talk about their life and business. And our studio has prepared a screen saver for you in this direction, which is in front of you. Dynamism and drive leading, travel, cars, sports and, of course, business – that’s the specifics of the channel, which we aspired to designate from the very first frames of the video.

By the way, we also made a screen saver for the lectures of the Educational Portal. The video can be viewed here: vimeo.com/108699970





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