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Madmen Pictures: Specialists

Animations: Adobe Flash CS6 / Adobe Animate CC

Guy Chace

Guy Chace is a young, versatile voice actor based out of the Boston area. He has gained years of professional experience by training with top notch actors, sound engineers, and directors. Guy has gained recognition within the Boston voiceover community, and has developed strong relationships with many local clients. He has provided voice services for prominent companies, such as ESPN, CAT, Stadium Nissan, EMPOWER, and Avanir Pharmaceuticals. His primary skill set focuses on animation and video gaming, broadening to include specialties in commercial and radio spots. He is able to extensively collaborate globally with many clients through access to a high quality in home studio, fully equipped with audio software and equipment. Guy’s dedication and passion for voice over work combined with years of experience render him a strong partner eager to collaborate with new clients.

Sam Meza:

Sounds & Music by Epidemic Sound

Welcome to Epidemic Sound




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