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About Lloyd Lewis

Lloyd Lewis is a figurative artist and has recently shifted his focus away from the iconic faces towards a focus on painting and drawing from real life.  Lloyd has begun to use acrylics and has started with a series of self-portraits chronicling his recent poor health.  He has also painted both of his children.  Lloyd has always been passionate about drawing and painting.  As a young Artist, he won a number of regional art competitions.

Lloyd has been involved in the creation of a number of art groups.

Combined Aesthetic  (2013) and Artful Dodgers (2017-) both these groups have provided artists an opportunity display their work and network with fellow artists.

Lloyd has undertaken a number of commissions and his work is in a number of private collections in the UK and Europe and even China.  Lloyd has exhibited in both group and single exhibitions in Bristol, Bath, and Birmingham.

Lloyd has donated his work to a  number of charitable causes and has raised a considerable amount of money.

In the media:

Lloyd has been featured in the Bristol  Post and Bishopston matters.

Current Exhibits:

Lloyd is currently displaying some of his watercolors at Cafe Rhubarb ​on Gloucester road, Bristol

​Forthcoming Exhibitions:

Lloyd is also a member of North Bristol Artist and his main exhibition occurs every year in November.

Artful dodgers will be exhibiting later in the year.

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