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Export Multiple Images: Sequences: Tutorial Video


Export Multiple Images: Sequences: Adobe Tutorial Video

Export Multiple Images: Easy: Sequences: Adobe Tutorial Video

Different Movie File Types in Flash and Animate

This adobe learning video can show you how to Export Movie files.

Movie file Types and Uses:

Animated GIF:

An animated GIF contains a number of images or frames in a single file. Most of these animations are viewed on websites, side/top bar advertisements, or sent in chat windows and emails. If you are making a Transparent Animated GIF, simply check the Transparency box in the Presets area.
You can compare the original image and new GIF image side by side when changing the settings. For a website, images and videos can slow down the websites speed and function. A GIF animation can help in reducing file sizes and increase overall speed performance.

Movie File:

Exporting a Movie File in Adobe Animate is easy! Simply go to Export, then Movie, and change the settings on the size of the movie and name the file. These files are great to upload to a website, emailed, YouTube, or most Social Media sites.

Exporting an animated sequence (JPEG, PNG, GIF):

An animated sequence is created based on each keyframe in the timeline. Each keyframe becomes it’s own file image and saved by number order.
Sequences are mostly used for games and synced to the game controls. For example, a sequence can be of a character jumping… when the jump button is pressed, the jump animation is triggered to play.

Animated sequences can also be helpful for when you are saving multiple images, like for printing. Each image will be saved the same in resolution and size.

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Export Multiple Images Export Multiple Images Export Multiple Images Export Multiple Images Export Multiple Images

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