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3D and 2D Animation by JCMT


3D and 2D Animation by JCMT


I would like to introduce our company to you. Our company JCMT is a marketing company that specializes in creating characters and story lines that could be used as marketing tools in short 2 minute videos. Most businesses today have web pages, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media accounts. These social media platforms make it possible for businesses to reach out to the world and increase their brand presence and sales. It just becomes harder and harder over time to create new posts that will attract the attention of social media users. Most people are attracted to watching short videos then reading common non interesting marketing posts. We are now presenting to you the opportunity to have us create characters for your company and exciting story lines. These short videos can be used as content to market your products and enhance your brand.

 This is what makes our company special. We create animated characters and story lines for your products. Just think about it. These videos will be another marketing tool that you can promote to increase your company sales. Think about the excitement, fun, out of the box thinking these videos will provide. Also and most important think about the new revenue these videos will generate through increase sales. In our world of animation anything is possible.

I attached two presentations for you to look at. The first is a power point presentation about our company and the second is a video presentation showcasing some videos we already created.

Thank You,

Joel Amill

JCMT – President.


(973) 563 – 3618

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