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Cryptid Hunter: YouTube Intro


Cryptid Hunter: YouTube Intro

Patrick Jenkins Cartoons

  • GearGuys: Auto and Tech
    Video Editor · November 29, 2013 to present · San Jose, California
  • YouTube
    Animation · November 15, 2008 to present · San Jose, California
    Im a cartoonist , animator and freelance artist
  • San Jose City College Times
    Comic Strip Creator · February 12, 2014 to May 26, 2016 · San Jose, California
    I am the comic strip illustrator for the San Jose City College Times newspaper.
  • The Animation Empire
    Animator · May 2008 to August 17, 2011 · Redmond, Washington
  • Piedmont Hills High School
    Comic Strip Creator · October 27, 2006 to 2007
    I collaborate with The Legend at Piedmont hills high school.
Professional Skills
  • Actor (Award) · Animation · Cartooning · Drawing · Illustrator · Voice Acting
  • De Anza College
    Class of 2010 · Animation · Cupertino, California
  • Piedmont Hills High
    Class of 2010 · San Jose, California

Animation Station: Show, Teach, Inspire:

Your station is free to be viewed by people who are interested in learning how to create the work you do. The videos and lessons can teach and inspire those who like your skills and style.

We have received many emails expressing gratitude in showing the How-To videos, along with drawings of the characters from the lessons.

You brought the practice of drawing into my daily life.” – A teen interested in Adobe Flash

Monetary rewards are great … but knowing that you helped awaken the “art bug” in another person, understanding that your work is inspiring the artists of tomorrow … that’s a truly amazing feeling.

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