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CLOSCA Bike Helmet Ad: Artrprnr.com


CLOSCA Bike Helmet

This ad was made for this article: http://artrprnr.com/2017/06/21/closca-revolutionizing-design-function-exclusive-interview-charlie-hernandez/

Product: https://www.closca.co/

The advertisement was posted on their social media accounts to promote the article and new product.

If you would like to have these ads made for your company, you can contact Emily Caesar at the following info:


Animator and Graphic Designer since 2004, owner of animationstation.com. My main focus is Ad Revenue/online advertising, social media content, teaching/demo/explainer videos and cartoons. Experienced with all level of corporate needs to smaller contracts.

Expertise in:
Animator, Designer, Content Creator
Character Design
Flash/Traditional Animation
Textile Designer
Photoshop Imaging
Graphic Design for Logos/Banners/Branding
Logo Animation (intro/outro)
Facebook/Instagram/Social Media Management
iPhone Application
Web Demos/Explainer Videos/Adverts
Corporate Web Commercials


-Emily Caesar
Gmail: e3m4e3m4@gmail.com
Telephone: 808-225-0859
Skype: e3m4e3m4



EmCartoons Owner and Founder of Animation Station. Animation Station is a website that showcases Artists Artwork from around the world. Each artist has a background ranging in animation, live action, traditional, graphic design, audio, and any form of art connected to animation/digital media.


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