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Children’s Book Illustrations: Turtle Story Example:


Children’s Book Illustrations: Turtle Story Example

Children’s book illustrations, live video recording.


First, take a picture of the drawing with a digital camera or your phone, and import the image into FlashCS6. Change the opacity so that you can easily trace the image. You are now ready to draw!

children's book illustrations
children’s book illustrations


Using the INK TOOL and FILL TOOL, create the linework and color in the characters. Selecting parts of the filled in colored sections (with the “paint selected” on), color in the details, shadows, and highlights. After the image is complete, turn the image into a symbol and name it accordingly. FIN!


Turtle Cartoon in Adobe Flash

No Evil: Turtles

Adobe Animate cc Tutorial: Live Inking and Animating

EmilyCartoons: EMILY CAESAR

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My name is Emily Caesar, and I have been working as an Animator/Graphic Designer since 2004. I am the owner of animationstation.com. The website was started to showcase my work in an easier way, which led to expanding the site into a Network of Artists.

My main focus is online advertising, social media content, teaching/demo/explainer videos, app/games, and ad revenue/marketing. I am experienced with all levels of corporate needs to short-term contracts.
As a Marketing and Creative Director, I have managed small to large business with 30+ people, keeping track/advising them on branding and content creation. I have created and/or managed social media accounts and campaigns, with the understanding of the need to speed in the viral video market.

Creating ebooks, apps, and textile products is also a passion of mine. I create kids books, animations/graphics for games, advertisements, or product/concept design/branding. I create textile designs for all ages with a large range of styles that can be seen here: http://animationstation.com/store/ and under the store tab list.

I also love to create recorded tutorials about illustrating and animation. I enjoy showing the process and awakening the interest in other artists to pursue their goals. These videos are also a good way to advertise a brand, product, or event as well.

Below you can see my skills and examples, Thank you!

Expertise in:

Digital/Traditional Animation
Content Ads/Marketing/Creator
Presentations (PP, Web, Video)
Web Demos/Explainer Videos/Adverts
Book Trailers
Corporate Web Commercials
T.V. Commercials
Pilot Animations
Character Design
Graphic Design
Photoshop Imaging
Textile Designer
Icon/Emoji Graphics
Logo Animation
Facebook/Instagram/Social Media Management
App and Game sprites and assets.
Web Animations
Corporate Web Commercials
Character Design


Profile: http://animationstation.com/channel/emilycartoons-channel/?view=playlists

Company: http://animationstation.com



Are you a creative person who loves to create content online? Are you a Professional Artist who wants there work noticed?

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We are interested in bringing people on board who have an easy time explaining/documenting their craft/interests.
The intention for the channel is to showcase your skills that can be useful to potential clients, sell digital work, and network with other people in the Industry. We will promote your work on the site and our social media accounts. The content has to show Traditional/Digital Art in some form to be accepted.
We recruit people in all types of professions. We would love to share your knowledge/skills and help sell your products.
We are adding people all the time and there are great opportunities in growing with us!
Start TODAY! 🙂







Owner and Founder of Animation Station.
Animation Station is a website that showcases Artists Artwork from around the world. Each artist has a background ranging in animation, live action, traditional, graphic design, audio, and any form of art connected to animation/digital media.


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