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Calling It Quits


Calling It Quits

Calling It Quits By Isaiah Jackson

Animation by Isaiah Jackson

Song description:
A son reads his mom’s old diary that details her argument with her son’s father about her concerns of getting pregnant if she decided to lose her virginity.


About the Artist: Isaiah Jackson

National contest winning rapper/songwriter & comedian who’s appeared in newspapers, FM radio and more. Known from emotional storytelling songs and performances. Guest rapper/writer on 1 million viewed kids rap battle and more.


Tips on creating short stories:

Starting the story as close to the end as you can.
Including at last one character the viewer can strongly identify with – either negatively or positively.
Reveal character motivation or traits essential to the story.
Ensuring that each character included needs something to do – even if the action was simply deliver a newspaper.
Metaphors are a great tool – but keep the related to everyday life – or you will lose your audience. In animation, you can be very creative in how you express your point of view in the story. You can be very literal or “trippy” depending on who your audience is.
Know your basic audience and avoid alienating them. Appealing to what people can relate to is an important foundation if you want people to watch your videos.
Keep a notebook at all times! A quick note now can be a great story tomorrow.
Have fun with it! If you are not having fun, take a nap. Ideas have to marinate and evolve within you, so relax, have fun and let them flow.


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