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Bird Brain Cartoon: Flash Animation


Bird Brain Cartoon: Flash Animation

Bird Brain Cartoon: Silly Bird…

Bird Brain is about a bird that is not very … um … intelligent. He has a natural way of accidentally doing dumb things that create horrible results.

The idea came to us in a coffee shop. We planned out the basic story, mapped out the scenes, added a few notes, and then it was my turn to do the visuals, animation, and editing.

I created the main character and elements by hand. Then I imported the work into the animation software Adobe Flash. After inking and coloring the work, I made an animatic of the video to be approved by the client. Once they review the work, add notes and changes, I start animating the project.

It is always important to show each stage of the work to the client before going too far ahead. I usually send a sketch of the main character to start. Once the style of the character is approved, I move on to the rest of the images and elements. To have the client see all the work, it’s best to plot out an animatic to show all the images in place, plus showing the timing of the video. With an animatic, the client can approve the rough work as a whole, as well as approve the timing of the video. Then … start animating!

But …

The animation never went anywhere. There was little audio and zero music in the first version.

After 10 years I decided it was best to add the music and show the work in my portfolio. The plot is very easy to follow, and the comedic timing is the kind of humor I enjoy. This animation ended rather … for lack of a better word … clean. :p I’d like to produce more of these kind of animations, but perhaps with just a tad more blood at the end. 🙂



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Bird Brain Animation


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