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Sell your Art:

Animation Station is adding Artists’ portfolios and their products to be sold, at NO cost to you!

My name is Emily Caesar, Illustrator/Animator since 2004. I am the owner of AnimationStation.com: http://animationstation.com/. The website showcases my work, and many other Artists/Animators- for free! 🙂 I would like to offer a channel on my website to any media Artis who would like to market their work/product(s) online.
You can view the Artist Channels here: http://animationstation.com/channels/. You can see my channel at the top of the page with the Animation Station pig logo. 🙂

We hire people as well as I gather jobs and become overloaded with work. I am happy to send clients your way- or to collaborate on finishing a job!!! ;$)


Are you looking for a marketing strategy that can last and easy to do? Do you need to promote your business and/or skills to the masses? Do you create content and want to monetize your work?

Animation Station is here to help you spread the word about your talents, products, and skills to take things to the next level! Fun and interesting ways of promoting your business is key to success in today’s market. Join us in on the fun! <3

-We will market your business on our site for FREE on the website.
-We can create an ad for at low cost, and/or showcase your advertisements, images, and videos on our website.
-We can sell your digital products at our textile and print shop.
-We will showcase your business on your social media accounts, with 70k likes/followers- and counting!

If you add a promo code for our visitors, we will ask for 45% of every sale that comes through our promoting efforts.

For $5.00-$50.00, we will post PAID ad campaigns on our social media accounts with clicks at $.06-$.02 and engagement 20%-38%.
We will always post on our accounts for free, but more capital will always improve the views.
Animation Station is an advertising agency that showcases business and the designers involved in creating the ads and products FOR FREE. We only ask for the cost of the campaign and time to set up the promotions.

If you would like to know more about networking/showcasing/selling your work, we would love to have you!
You can go to the link below to learn more about our intentions:

About Us

Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you!

Emily Caesar
CEO and Founder






EmCartoons Owner and Founder of Animation Station. Animation Station is a website that showcases Artists Artwork from around the world. Each artist has a background ranging in animation, live action, traditional, graphic design, audio, and any form of art connected to animation/digital media.



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