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Art is Healing: Healing is Art


Art is Healing: Healing is Art

Art is Healing: 5 sec animation

This simple text animation was created and animated in Adobe Animate CC.

Art, creativity, and fulfilling your passions are a great way to get passed challenges in life. When you focus on something productive, it can help you feel better as a whole. Focusing solely on the project at hand can also make you feel more confident and ready to take on new challenges around the corner.

The quality of the art is not as important as expending the creative energy you have bottled up inside. This energy can feel like joy, anger, nervousness, tension, fear, depression, love, or hate. If your brain is thinking a lot, it’s best to draw or write it out. Drawing is helpful because some feelings are hard to describe… but they are there just the same. Drawing an image can bridge the gap that language cannot describe.

Do not worry if your ideas are good enough, better ideas evolve in experience. We can always fine tune our craft, and it will improve with each completed accomplishment. Ignore the judgments and make your ideas a reality!

If a project seems to0 big of a task, break the idea up into steps. Each step conquered is another step closer to the goal.

Art also helps bridge the language barrier. You see it every day. We all have seen signs that transcend language; the peace sign, a heart symbol, a stop sign … and everyone knows the bathroom sign!

Art is important from the macro to the micro scale, and especially to your own heart.



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Art is Healing: in a 5 sec animation

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