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Animated Poetry: My balloon Cartoon


Animated Poetry: My balloon Cartoon

Animated Poetry: My balloon Cartoon

Magic Animatic: My balloon Cartoon


This is a poem that I wrote while I was pregnant with my son in 2014. I couldn’t work towards the end of my pregnancy, but I still wanted to get ideas out to feel productive.
I decided to write some poems to my son about any lessons I want him to remember. I thought that these poems could be turned into cartoons that I could read to him as the video played along.

The poem is about enjoying the time you have in the moment, letting go, and knowing that things will always be ok. Sometimes, things will be taken from us before we expect them to be gone, and we have to accept that fact and find a way to smile.


Magic Animatics begin with drawing and storyboarding:

All of the work to make this animatic was done in Adobe Flash. I used a Wacom Tablet to quickly draw out the basic form of each frame. This video shows how a storyboard is turned into an ANIMATIC, which is an animated storyboard. Animatics help in setting up each frame, as well as timing each scene to the audio. Storyboards and animatics are like a “rough drafts” in animation.


Most clients will ask for a preview of the work you create, and it’s best to show them each step for approval. Showing the work as you go to the client will help in:
-Keeping both of you on track and in sync.
-Less things to revisit/fix.
-The client will feel at ease seeing the project being worked on.
-Clients like to have room for changes, and it is best to update them as much as possible to avoid changes or surprises. At the end of your contract, add the rate for changes that go beyond the scope of the original work. For example, “Changes that exceed the original scope of the work will be a $50 minimum.”


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