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About Us

Animation Station showcases Artists’ channels from around the world. The artists have backgrounds ranging from animation, live action, traditional, graphic design, audio, and essentially any form of art connected to animation/digital media.

We show mid-production and final work, as well as tutorial How-To videos from actual recordings of the process whether it’s live action and/or screen shot images/videos.

The website was made by freelance artists and web developers who want to promote their work in a more interactive way. Our platform is available to promote your past and updated work, as well as side projects that you would like to create on your own.

Animation Station in Business

Portfolio and demo reels are a very important to have in this industry. Showing a video to the client answers a lot of their questions before hiring you. Having additional How-To videos will show off your skillset in the medium or program(s) you use. A How-To video can also show the labor involved, which can help in explaining costs and labor when discussing prices.

You can gain more opportunities and grow your network!

Our site will expose you to the top clientèle of the industry who are always searching for talent.

Networking and collaborating is another element in business that can happen in Animation Station. Finding other members on the site can help you with your career and future endeavors.

We can present your video reels, or we can help create the videos for you. Fill out the form to start the process

Sell your art at our online store!

You can upload your art to be sold at our online store. The art files are sold for clothing, stickers, cups and many other products.

Requirements to sell your art:

-Files must be sized large enough to be versatile for the customers.

*Minimum size: 900px X 900px for one image/element. Minimum size for an illustration: 1133px X 1133px.

*If you are selling repeating patterns, and they do not repeat correctly- the files will be disqualified.

-Each file has to be zipped on its own.

-Each package/folder of files have to be zipped. And yes, those files in the zip have to be zipped (as stated above for one file.)


Animation Station Friends & Family:

“What do you for a living?”

“How do you do that?!”

“You get to work at _____ and do that?!”

As a creator, your friends and family can have a better understanding of your craft after viewing your channel. Instead of showing only the final piece, they can see a video of the process and labor involved.


Animation Station: Show, Teach, Inspire:

Your station is free to be viewed by people who are interested in learning how to create the work you do. The videos and lessons can teach and inspire those who like your skills and style.

We have received many emails expressing gratitude in showing the How-To videos, along with drawings of the characters from the lessons.

You brought the practice of drawing into my daily life.” – A teen interested in Adobe Flash

Monetary rewards are great … but knowing that you helped awaken the “art bug” in another person, understanding that your work is inspiring the artists of tomorrow … that’s a truly amazing feeling.


Make Your Own Channel!

If you would like to apply for your own channel, fill out our contact form here.

We look forward to adding you to our station!



About Us